Monday, 20 December 2010

Ice dancing

Jack frost left his ice dance on the INSIDE of my bedroom window.
You can just see the top of the window latch at the bottom of the picture... 

I would just like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a 
'Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year'

The Angel is one of my charity shop finds.


  1. Thanks for the Post Julie - feel gutted not being able to see you before Xmas - good job we shared that bit of Xmas Cake way back in November !!! look forward to catching up big time in the New Year xxx

  2. Oh my, ice on the inside?! That sends me back to my youth in Winnipeg (Canada) where my attic room would have ice between the double windows almost the whole winter.

    Wishing you a happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

    x Marja-Leena

  3. looks cold!!! Wishing you a happy and warm Christmas ! x

  4. It is probably not great to have that ice pattern build up on your window, but gosh it IS beautiful!!

    Julie, I know you are being hit hard at the moment with snow, snow and more snow....stay safe and warm!

    Have a beautiful and joyous Christmas


  5. Have a Blessed Holiday Season!!

  6. oh yes, memories, my windows were covered with ice the whole winter when I was a child.. I would always use my fingers to melt a little peek hole.. all the best of the season!!


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