Monday, 13 December 2010

Collagraph trials..

I have been making some trial blocks, getting ready, very excitedly for when my studio and press are up and running...

To distract myself from the dreaded.... 'Christmas shopping!' ... Which is not going too well..  I have started making a series of 3" x3" blocks, testing out as many textures as I can find, here are the first few... 
1. Quilters muslin 2. Magazine cover, ripped 3. Metal shim 
4. Ribbons 5.Tin foil 6. Tissue paper
7. Bridal netting 8 Masking tape 9. Sellotape

I am hoping that these will be the beginnings of
'A Library of Textures and Ideas'
I will take prints from them and record 'meticulously'  ha!...... That's the theory... 

It is -5 at the moment...  Beautiful, but bloody freezing! I'm off to get my thermals...


  1. Hi Julie,
    I can just imagine the anticipation for that press to be up and running!
    Nice collection of textures! Don't forget to try glue and sand mixed in some glue.

  2. Very Exciting the prospect of - The Press - up and running. Shame the weather stopped us meeting up - Hope all's well x

  3. what a great idea! It will be an excellent resource to have!!! Really sympathise with you with regards working in a cold studio...last time I was printing I had so many layers on I could barely bend my arms and legs ! And the cold does horrible things to your ink too!
    Your enthusiasm is infectious ! Keep up the good work but have a lovely Christmas break too !


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