Sunday, 21 November 2010

Moving the press

We picked up the press from Lowestoft yesterday...In a big old van that Norman borrowed from work.. Many thanks to Howard.
It is a beast of  a thing and weighs an absolute ton, my daughters partner Saul helped Norman move it into the studio this morning. Many thanks Saul.
Sorry this photo's a bit fuzzy
What  a lump, it is so heavy, needless to say I was less than useless with the loading and unloading. There is also a large sheet of steel, the press bed, but that made a boring photograph.

The people that we got it from where lovely Johnathan Anderson..You can see his work here... and Clare Johnson you can see her work here....

Norman has just had a quick look at it and the electrics are in a hell-of-a-mess, as I said in an earlier post, it was sold on Ebay as broken....It's just as well that the intention was to change it back to a manual press.


  1. Well Done to Every one !!! - looks amazing - Soooo jealous xxxx

  2. So exciting Julie, Your mind must to be going non-stop thinking about the work this will turn out..

    I just had another look at your "studio progress" on your side bar.. you guys have done great!!! and wonderful big windows too.. I bet you can hardly wait.

  3. How exciting!!! But the wait is going to be the true test of your patience!
    A new studio in progress and a press to be reconditioned, how sweet is that!


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