Saturday, 30 October 2010

I won the press.. I won the press

 Ebay, Ebay, I won the press.... 
At a bargain price.... he! he!
 Just got to collect it...150 miles round trip....Will need to borrow/hire a van
(I'll need two strong men).... and pay for it.

As you can see it's in bits...
But, I know a man who is brilliant at fixing things.

Have a good weekend everyone.... I know that I will.....

I am SO thrilled and excited....I can't believe that I won.
I have the biggest smile on my face.... Cheshire cats and all that...


  1. Congratulations!! You must be so excited... will you use it in your new studio?

  2. Congratulations! Hope to see the fruits of your press soon!

  3. How wonderful! You will love it. I wish I had room in my home studio for one.

  4. Congrats Julie! You'll will be cranking out some creative print... no doubt! Daryle

  5. well, i actually have NO IDEA, what this means
    to you and for you, but i certainly DO get it
    that you are ECSTATIC and so...i share that
    joy and will watch to see what all comes to

  6. Julie what a coup - well done on getting your own printing press!! It will enable you to do lots of experimentation - there so many things you will now be able to try out without worrying about people looking over your shoulder (as in if you were in an open access print workshop )

    Have fun


  7. Awesome Julie!! Can't wait to see the prints you will create!

  8. Congrats Julie.. but what in earth are you going to use that for? I am really curious about that :-)


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