Thursday, 5 August 2010

Two steps forward..

..Three steps back...
I took a couple of proofs of that lino I've been working on, if you enlarge you will be able to read ALL of my notes.... The lino is now in the bin! 

* Note to myself
Take proof prints to see how things are progressing..

On the up-side I did this print of Essex beach huts.... and I'm happier.

3" x 3"

I'm pleased with the movement, the waves, and the kites dancing on the wind and how the clouds echo the waves.


  1. Hi Julie - just seen the prep for the new studio - you don't mess about do you !! Amazing start - well done to you and yours - shame lino is in the bin - i took a quick look the other day - thought it was very clever but did'nt have time to comment - shame its in the bin :(

  2. it looks good to me.
    thank you for the tip :)

  3. Julie,

    It's been a little while since I popped in, but your printing is coming along! I know it's frustrating when you put your time into something that bombs! Before you pitch that lino print out, it has some really nice lines and marks and maybe you can put it away in a drawer for a little while. Something may come up that you could possibly tear it into small pieces and use in another piece of art work?! I save all my mistake prints and use them in my work somehow!



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