Thursday, 5 August 2010

Slowly, slowly...This time, I'm taking my time..

I don't want to make a mistake with this one..I like it too much..

 I keep making mistakes, I have had to ask myself what is all the rush for?

A wonderful printmaker has sent me this advice..

" Before you pitch that lino print out, it has some really nice lines and marks and maybe you can put it away in a drawer for a little while. Something may come up that you could possibly tear it into small pieces and use in another piece of art work?! I save all my mistake prints and use them in my work somehow!"

Carla Trujillo
Thank you Carla ~ Julie


  1. More promising than ever! -j

  2. Great advice, I, too have saved paintings I thought were terrible. Sometimes, with just a bit more work when I saw them clearly after many weeks, they became my favorites or at least I recognize them as "seeds" for later work...

    Have fun!

  3. Good advice. ;-] Hopefully you'll put it to a use that you like.

  4. Looking forward to the finished project! It's coming along great thus far. :)


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