Wednesday, 14 July 2010

With bright colours and laughing clowns...

Poster's have been put up around the village... A small Circus has arrived on King George's field, enticing young and old in to the conjurer's circle...

This circus has not stirred the excitement that gives me butterfly's... It looks like a small family run circus, clean and tidy but something is missing, there is nothing to say that there is magic in the air, no jewel coloured lights or bunting blowing in the wind, no glitter that sparkles in the sunshine... did I dream up those things.. or am I just wanting them.............The places in between...


  1. I love the circus, just the mention of it is magic to my ears.

  2. Hi Julie, I can certainly see why you think there is something missing at the visiting circus... I think they need you, your imagination and you energy...

    I only found your blog today and I love it.. so unique and individual.. glad to meet you, gwen

  3. I have not gone to a circus since I was 13 years but would love to see any of the shows :)


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