Friday, 23 July 2010

Two posts in one day...

I have been to a couple of printing workshops at Cuckoo Farm just recently and had a most wonderful time re-learning how to print.. It's been a long time...

So, putting into practice what I've learn't...  I decided on a collagraph print showing the view from the river's edge, just a few minutes from where I live... looking over to Fingringhoe, here is my attempt..Trying to keep it simple, ending up complicated.. 4 plates.. must be mad!
Getting the plates ready for inking up..
Print not too bad...
I'm still in trainer pants and on a stee_____p!...learning curve.
Plates after printing... And cleaning
I quite like them... 
In fact I like them a lot.
 So with a little rearrangement.. I love them.
 A happy out come.. 

*Lesson to be learned - Don't get ink on my foot and walk through the house after printing in the studio - Foot 'prints' (excuse the pun) are a problem to get out of a wool carpet... It took me ages.


  1. It is wonderful Julie!

  2. I discovered your blog the other day - great work! And I just realised reading your post you are very close to me - I live in Shotley, near Ipswich! Anyway good to find you and I like your print.

  3. Beautiful! Yes, I like them a lot, too!

  4. They look amazing Julie - Well Done - shame about the foot prints !!!!!!

  5. Oh I would love to take a printmaking workshop... but till then I can have a wonderful time looking at your work here...
    They are layers ... just what an extended landscape would project.. and your plates are as lovely as your print..

    what material did you use for your surface to carve into? and it looks like you have some applied netting.. great idea..

    also love the 5 syllable word decision a couple posts ago.. cute..

    ...your Foot"prints" experience which made me smile... reminds me of the time I wanted to have a more colorful floor when I was a teenager... I convinced my young sister to step into a tray of water and walk around my room and I drew around them while they were still wet and painted them in one by one.. ( this was before I understood about printmaking.. would have been much quicker...

    take care!

  6. je regarde souvent, mais c'est la première fois que je laisse un message ici.. juste pour vous dire que je trouve vos créations très belles!


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