Monday, 26 July 2010

Etching efforts..

... At Cuckoo Farm Studio's
Yet another steep learning curve, why do I put myself through this?
Oh......I remember... I LOVE it.

I have now attended three of my four one day printing courses.  They have been wonderful, and being taught my such talented printmakers is a joy. The studio is a large airy room with several work areas and and 4 printing presses...well that's as many as I counted, together with a room for acids and cleaning and a large cupboard for aquatint. Not forgetting tea making facilities... Very important. 

Our tutor for the day was a very talented printmaker called Jill Desborough she does the most amazing work, do look her up you will not be disappointed.
So this I what I produced, a soft ground etching of a starling, using two zinc plates.  There are quite a few stages to doing a soft ground etching and as I said, I was on a steep learning curve, or remembering curve as the case may be... over 20 years since I last did any etching...Have I mentioned that I loved it?....It was wonderful.
Here are the two plates

*Note the handy use of the egg tray, I can pick up the plates without touching the surface..Which is a no, no... fingerprints are not good when etching.


  1. This is so interesting to me. I am starting an etching class on thursday morning. It is all new to me too and I have no idea what the process entails. I am hoping I can extend my doodling skills into printing. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Welcome the world of printmaking and I'm so glad you love it!! Your print came out awesome!I've been a printmaker for 20+ years. I've done etching, but my fave technique is collagraphs.
    It's just hard to find the time to do it!

    Carla T.

  3. Your starling is darling! (couldn't resist) Nice print... and the egg carton is a great idea!! I will pass the tip along to the printmaking prof. where I teach. I've never seen her use that trick.

    Happy printing!

  4. I did printmaking as part of an art course many moons ago - loved it! I"d love to do more, but the prospect of getting all the right gear is a bit daunting. I loved that process where you rough up the surface of the plate and then progressively burnish the surface with a steel tool to get gradations in tone (the smoother the surface, the lighter the tone) Just forget what it is called...............X}
    Your starling is wonderful, BTW!

  5. oh, wow. you print in wonderful... You did this entire thing in one workshop.. wow...

  6. when I first started collagraphs I tried to print by kneeling on it and doing a "knee" version of the twist! disaster! etching press a must unless you 're doing very deep relief work!
    great work ,adore the theatre dolls,the arrangement on your title would make a lovely collagraph!


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