Sunday, 11 July 2010

I love a bargin..or two..or three..

One vintage game for my grandson
One pizza stone.. never used... 
I've wanted one of these for a very long time...
My bottom's will be crisp from now on!
 One red metal tool box
Perfect for printing tools.. 
....unless it end's up in hubby's garage
One vintage 1977 wine box...The year we got married.. ahh..
One vintage tea towel for my daughter's vintage caravan
One bundle of lacy pieces..Who knows why I brought these..
I'm sure I shall think of something
And saving the best till last 206 un-used reels of Drima
....and the wicker basket in perfect condition despite it's age
Oh! I almost forgot I also got a long denim skirt with a label still attached ...
NO!!! I am not going to model it...

So I think that I can say that it was well worth getting to the car boot sale at 6.30am!!
This early bird certainly caught the worm.


  1. I LOVE yard sales (our version of a boot sale), flea markets, estate auctions and thrift stores. The excitement of not knowing what treasure you will find is so much fun, and then unearthing that fabulous item (that you didn't know you had need of), is even more fun!

    Great finds! I think my fav is the basket followed by the red metal tool box.



  2. I don't see any worms! Those stones are great after they have been aged/seasoned. -J


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