Monday, 28 June 2010

Sunshine and more sunshine....

A Fantastic holiday..
For those who don't know the English summer weather is lets just say's unpredictable!!!
...But we had SUNSHINE hurrah!!!

We have been camping my man and I in our trailer tent, it is small but beautiful formed... In other words....Easy to put up...

We have been to the West Country Devon first which was of course, a joy, we stayed just outside of Wareham in a village (that might be taking it a bit too far, more like a hamlet) called Morton.  It is where T.E.Lawrence....Lawrence of Arabia is buried...  His home 'Clouds Hill' was just about a mile or so from the campsite but was so expensive to visit... another time perhaps..

On the River Frome, Wareham.
One of the highlights was a visit to the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery... No pic's I'm afraid as photography was forbidden inside.. The house is amazing, beautifully eccentric and quirky it even has a mosaic pond complete with fountain in the main hall, it has got to be one of the prettiest museums in the country and is one of my favorites.  Included in the collections are some Pre-Raphaelite paintings which were exquisite.
 East Cliff Hall

So after three days in Morton we headed off to a campsite just outside of Tavistock, Higher Longford which was so, so beautiful it is just on the edge of Dartmoor, the views were...Well...........See for yourself...

There were lots of sheep and Dartmoor ponies crossing the roads with their babies following behind, stopping to be fed in the middle of the road...we had to drive around them as they were having lunch and not moving! 
Then a place that I fell in love with 'Dartmeet' which has got to be one of the most magical locations. (Ignoring car park and pixie land or whatever it was called..)
It is where the East and the West Dart meet -  a confluence
  .. a meeting point... 
A place where magic happens, giant dragonflys and fish darting in the sunlight
... it felt very special.
The rocks on the left looked like giants plates
....Stacked and waiting to be washed
So after a wonderful week away it is back to work and to decide whether to open my studio for the Colchester and Tendring Open Studios event that takes place in September and October?  Would anyone want to visit my little studio, I ask myself?

My third prize?..... What shall it be?
 Watch this space...

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  1. I am glad you are back and that you had fun.
    The photos are great :)

  2. AnonymousJune 29, 2010

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  3. Well Julie,

    I have to say that the scenery on your camping trip is so much more enchanting than mine and you got to sleep in a camper!! I'm green with envy!
    Your pics are beautiful and I just love to see streams with clear running water! The only river we have around here is the Ohio and it is usually brown.
    Glad to hear that you had a great vacation and welcome back!

  4. I recently discovered your blog, I saw your dolls on Cloth ans clay dolls and I'm impressed by your art. I recently started my own blog but I still have to learn much, about dollamking and blogging!


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