Friday, 18 June 2010

The Studio - Where this blogger creates

Welcome to my humble abode....It's not very big... an it's a bit of a squeeze to get all my stuff in...I still have stacks of books in the hall cupboard and in our bedroom... My work is all around the house... and the loft is full... what can I do?  Tidy up!! ... And Spring clean!!....I hear you all say....I did...Well.....a little, just before I took these photo's.. I hope you like my space...
First is the space behind my sewing machine postcards and colour charts... 
......It's always changing like the wind.
Next the ideas board
Very very important also the radiator where I prop up 'work in progress'.
Click on photo's to in large the images -The paintings on the radiator are of a walk way that goes out across the marshes - West Mersea - Oil on paper, It gives the most amazing finish the light bounces off and gives the paintings a life of their own.
 May be this is a better photo
Notice my lovely drying rack a great idea details on how to make one see Sherrie York at  
Mine is just a bit of recycled architrave and a packet of pegs for £1....Fantastic..
I love a bargain...something that's simple to make...AND it works!
My beautiful printing press
Together with paintings in progress propped up and waiting their turn.
The bookcase
Stuffed to the gills......I desperately need more shelving..And more ROOM!
The view along the work bench and through the window
Notice all my chipped cups, recycled to hold brushes and rulers dried seed pods and all sorts of bits and bobs, drinking straws, lolly pop sticks etc, etc.....which I will call.. lets of the trade.
My work in progress
New work... painting on plywood.. back to my roots oil painting...ooh I love it.
And last but not least my dolls 
Open up the picture to see the little fellows in their pram...notice the little button wheels...  

I shall be on holiday down in the West Country for the next week, so I will wish you all a happy weekend have fun and live your lives to the full.
                                                               Julie x
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  1. I love your art space! Thank you for sharing!
    Have a wonderful holiday, hope you will have pics to show!

  2. I like your studio it is great to see an artist work place :)
    On the last pic you have a baby carriage
    with some dolls it looks fantastic !!
    Have a great time on your holiday !!!


  3. Lovely Julie and filled to the brim which I love. I hope you have a wonderful week.

  4. It looks like a fun place to be... Happy Creating :)

  5. Those little guys in the carriage are adorable!

  6. Oh, I love your work...especially the dolls! Your studio is delightful! I love the photo of your cups and brushes in the window. Would make a great header photo! Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your world! Come visit me!


  7. Julie, your room may be small (mine is too), but what a great place to create! So much material to lend you inspiration! Thanks for sharing with us!


  8. What a beautiful space, Julie. I knew I would love it as soon as I saw 'Flaming June' and the Modiglianis on your inspiration board! I have them up, also. And your art work is delightful, particularly the jester. I will definitely visit again. If you get a chance, you might like to pop by and see my studios pics. Thanks for a nice visit...


  9. What a great creative art space! So, enjoyed my visit with you. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and the party.

  10. Your art space is terrific! So glad I could take a peek!
    Queen Bee Studio

  11. What a wonderfully creative space!

    I adore your storage solutions. They have inspired me.

  12. What a lot of fodder to work with! -J

  13. Yum, I love shots of studios and workspaces! So glad you shared these, your space is full of inspiration! The drying rack is genius and your 2 in the pram are completely delightful Julie ;)

  14. It's taking me forever to get around to see everyone's creative spaces, but I just thought I would let you know how much I admire yours! I like how you have an inspiration board of sorts for all your special notes, I need to do that!
    Have a great week, Marcia in California

  15. Love your studio - and love the light from the window that must be wonderful to paint by.

  16. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  17. I love to see a busy, working studio and that big window is just wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Great Space and lots of art goodies! I especially love seeing all of the books! Have a great weekend!

  19. It's been fun visiting you! Glad to meet another doll maker. Love your idea of repurposing chipped mugs. Thank you for letting us visit.

  20. I like you studio too! I love seeing artist palettes, tubes of paint etc... I know there something fabulous happening in those rooms. Thank you so much for joining the party. I really enjoyed my visit.
    My Desert Cottage

  21. All your supplies right there at your finger tips ..what a great working studio thanks for sharing where you create!

  22. Hi Julie
    What a great studio you have and so inspiring. Love your dolls too.
    Also loved the photos from you holiday - we have spend some time vacating in England the last two years in combination with me exhibiting in London, and I so love the country. It´s so beautiful.
    Thank you so much for visiting over at my place too.
    Wishing you a wonderful day
    ~ Tina

  23. Wonderful little space. Great light. Great job utilizing ever bit of space so well.

  24. Hi Julie!
    I'm still making my rounds, visiting everyone's studio and absolutely falling in love with each one...yours is no different :)
    Love all of your inspiration everywhere...the paints, the artist's dream!

  25. Hi Julie!
    So great to meet you and tour your wonderful space! Your creations are fantastic! I love them!
    Hugs to you!

  26. Lovely space and equally lovely paintings! Thank you for sharing your creative haven.

  27. I really like your creations. Such a unique look. Your studio appears to have a wonderful window bringing in lots of light. Lots of fun little pieces to play with in there! Thanks for sharing. Connie

  28. Wonderful studio!!
    Love that you share the real deal, not the cleaned up pristine version. Lovely blog too BTW

  29. Oh how I have always wanted to learn how to paint. When I was a teenager my mother wanted to put me in oil painting classes... We went to the art store and picked out all my supplies... However, i was entirely way to busy hanging out at the mall and chasing boys to go... Still dont know how!

    BTW~ I am having a giveaway to celebrate the 30 day anniversary of my blog... Yes, only 30 days! I would love it if you would come by and visit at Hope to see you there~ Sherry


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