Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Sail Boats and Theatricals...Stargazers..

"Look to the right ..."
"Now look up..."
".....And face the front...."
"...Jump in your boat... Sail to the left.."
OK! OK! OK!  that's enough of that.... I'm singing to myself... 
Loosing the plot a little more each day...

These are the 'Stargazers', three men in a boat looking at the sky the largest is holding the 'Stargazer's Illustrated' in one hand and a golden star in the other, the next has a library under his jerkin and is holding 'Planet Weekly' and the smallest has a wand with a star...
(I don't know if these magazines exist or not ..
I just made them up to suit my little fellows)

The 'Stargazers' are sitter dolls, they are all made of cloth and clay, filled with silver sand and wadding finished with artists acrylic paints and sealed with matt varnish.   I made them from scratch with a cereal packet pattern in one hand and hope/luck in the other.  
Their little sail boat is made from a cereal box and papier mache. They all have one of my labels on their bottoms..


  1. Splendid Julie :)
    You made me laugh with the left / right business!
    Pst.. I got a book press ;)

  2. Hi Julie,
    I am now a "follower". Nice to see your blog and your wonderful creations here as well as on Cloth and Clay. I am new at blogging and have a lot to learn.
    With happiness and a hug,


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