Thursday, 27 May 2010

My installation is set up at the Firstsite gallery.. Hurrah!!

My blurb.......


This work evolved in an involuntary way. It begun as a simple pattern made from a cereal box laid out onto calico that was stitched and in turn become a sitter doll, which lead to another and ended up becoming an installation of over 100 pieces.  The process was cathartic dealing with great sadness and loss but ended up as a self exploratory piece looking at all types of scars, bereavement, injury, worries that we all carry around with us.


  1. Absolutely brilliant.


  2. Looks really great installed - white on white on white... and a bit of brown... Lovely!

  3. Julie... this series that you have completed is just stellar! The scarlet thread is so meaningful and effectual. Enjoy this moment... it belongs to you! Daryle

  4. what a wonderful, provocative piece. Congratulations

  5. I love this - very stunning and beautiful...would love to be a little mouse with a camera crawling between these guys - would get some great shots.


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