Friday, 28 May 2010

arghhh!!! 'DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME'

I have just had such a trauma.. I tried to 'S-T-R-E-T-C-H' the width of my blog so that the 'blog posts' don't run into the 'gadgets'  at the sides.. So that it doesn't look at if it's all on top of each other... You know what I mean...

Well I lost the lot and hence my near... heart attack... I lost my profile, lost my wonderful doll makers, my friendly faces etc... etc... etc... I kept saying to myself...STAY CALM, TAKE A BREATH, while at the same time feeling a little sick in the stomach.

But my nightmare is over I can't explain how I mangaged to get you all back but I did and my trauma subsides..... until the next time..

So until I find an easy way of STRETCHING my blog, I shall leave well alone...PHEW!!


  1. Hi Julie, Ugh, scary! I stumbled upon someone who customizes blogs for you for a very small fee... I just tried to find her again, and I THINK this is her... I'll keep looking for her site as well, but I think this woman puts blogs into 3 columns and such...

  2. What a lovely blog you have and what lovely and fascinating things you make! I have just visited today as I was curious about you with your curious stage name so I am glad I did!


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