Tuesday, 6 April 2010

'Hurrah' I've managed to do it..

With a little help and encouragement from my friend Rachel at http://www.minetothine.com
I have at last summoned the courage and concerntration to change my two column blog to three columns.

I am 'not' in any way computer savvy, everything I do is a bit hit and miss, but hey what's life without giving it a go... It has taken me most of the morning to sort it all out (and a few months to pack up the courage) ..... I think that I'm just about there now, I am so pleased with myself for managing to do this... just one small hic-up... no background..... at the moment.... but I think that I quite like this plain and simple look, I might just keep my 'hic-up' for the time being.

- lessons to be learned 
- Nothing ventured nothing gained


  1. YEAAAAHHHH !!!!! Congratulations it looks wonderful !!!!


  2. Oh, I would like to do this too! It looks great! Like you, I know it is going to take me several months to rack up the courage to attempt it.


  3. It looks great and I am hoping to do it too but I have to sit on that thought for awhile lol!

  4. At long last the website I have been promising to find you...
    Teresa has a studio on the same floor as me in Vernon Mill.
    Hope you enjoyed your master class today.


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