Monday, 11 January 2010

Mermaid tails

"Its your turn now" said the fish with the soldiers on his back. I must get these lads back to barracks, and to defend their castle... "Company attention!"...the fish had completely forgotten that he carried their castle around with him all the time. "Right now lads, quick march, left, right, left, right". And without further to do they all left trying to march in time with each other.

"Well hello boys......." said the mermaid, hoping to lure them away from their duties. The soldiers were facing her as the fish waddled away trying to keep in step with her soldiers. "Good God woman". Said one of the soldiers..."Cover yourself up..... you've forgotten to put your vest on". "Can't we stop and meet her" said the other soldier. "Certainly not!, by the left quick march, left, right, left, left". And they were gone.

"I don't understand it, most men just can't resist me". The mermaid said to her fish. "I haven't got time to discuss your love life mermaid, get a check on my buckle and see that it's tight, I don't want to loose my blanket and my planking is creaking. I want to know that I'll be water tight when the bad weather comes". The fish was worried, someone in the shoal had said that their might be a storm....... 'Now come on fish get into position, I need to show off your buckle , I think a photograph from above would be a good idea.' The artist was desperately trying to get the photo-shoot finished.

'That's perfect little fish, great job'. Said the artist

"Would you like me to turn to the left artist?" Asked the fish. "The light's a little glarey but I think that it will be ok". 'Such a good idea fish' said the artist, your little blanket is strapped down well, no need to worry about loosing it in the bad weather.

Another of the little fish had just turned up for the photo-shoot, so excited it could hardly contain itself......

"It's my turn, is it my turn?, can I go next................."

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