Thursday, 10 December 2009

Late night worries

"It's late and she (our artist) wants us to pose for photo's!" The fish discuss their problems between themselves. "What are we to do? REFUSE!!! or just stand here like lemons?" Said a rather haughty looking fish.

Another fish joins in "I'm almost naked and I don't want to be seen....... decisions with my clothing have still to be made....... She turns to hide her face.

A fish with a hat said very loudly "What's with the flowers in your ears?....... Can you hear me........I said..... 'what's with the flowers in your ears'?
The smaller fish answered..........
"Don't shout at me, I can't see if she's put flowers in my ears anyway 'how can you see'? your eyes have been painted out".
"My artist is rethinking my makeup". The fish in the hat replied .......
" More like she made a mistake"........ The fish with flowers in her ears continued.

There was more truth to that than they'll ever know, I struggled with the flag for days and days so that it draped over the fish rather than looking like a stiff blanket, so the eyes should be a piece of cake.. one lives in hope.

.........."That's a bit mean
........ The fish in the hat was looking for a tissue, "I'd shed a tear if I could". At this point she would have had tears in her eyes.. If I had painted any in that is .....ahhhh...
"What about me, can you get me out of here?"

"Don't forget us, we are trapped in here too" The human ones chorused, stuck in the fish with stripy stockings.
The trapped ones continued chatting amongst themselves........ "How many of us are stuck in here?"..."Who knows"... "it's so noisy "... "I don't know, three in this porthole, and I think there is another of us next door"... "What about around the back?"..... "This is getting too weird". The human one's continued chatting among themselves for some time........

"Shhhhhhhhh" The fish with stripy stockings suddenly went quiet.... then a trapped human one said very quietly........"This is so scary, our artist has put us up on top of a magic book".
"She's always reading that one". A naked fish replied... "She's been looking at it for years, full of serpents and other creatures it is, brought it for her husband when they were courting....... I don't think that he's hardly looked at it". The human one's realised that their
fish had serpents looking through their port holes. "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". They all screamed.

"Help us please, we're trapped"

Please ignore the mess, as you can see space is not what I have a lot of in my studio, my shoal of fish are nearly finished just one more to paint and a couple of corrections to do, then a whole lot of varnishing, then I can start on my Christmas shopping.


  1. These are both fabulous - so glad that they cooperated for the pics. I could sit and look at them for hours, so much intricate detail!

  2. Wow! These are amazing, so creative, and I love the dialog. Makes me smile.


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