Friday, 18 December 2009


I finally got to Ipswich to take a look at the Suffolk Craft Society Christmas Exhibition which was lovely so many things to look at, so many things that I wish I could afford, and all set in the wonderful Town Hall building.

The stair way in the entrance hall

Looking in to the Suffolk Craft exhibition

View of the market from the steps of the Town Hall

This is the building used by Lakeland plastics
- its a shop that sells kitchen paraphernalia

We also went in to a very posh shop that sold amazing things at even more amazing prices, but the best thing was the building that it was in, it was so old, a very crooked ancient house that was fascinating, so we had a good look around, mainly at the building and it's construction. (As we couldn't afford the furniture or the one off designer clothes, which we would have loved.) Then in the attic we came across these amazing wall stencils that had apparently been done at least two hundred years ago- according to the man in the shop.

'You never know what you might find' is our new catch phrase, we are planning a new adventure to find hidden gems in our local buildings..... I will keep you posted.. perhaps in another blog?


  1. Pleased you got back safe.. with all the snow. Ipswich looks a interesting place from your photos. A place I have not visited.
    Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for the New year to you and your family, not forgetting the fish and there amusing 'tails' xx

  2. Hi Julie
    Thanks for your nice comment on my newest doll..
    I now got the recepie ready on the "Pebernødder".. I am not sure if the translater works on that.. Write to me if you have problems understanding.. and I will help you :-)
    happy day

  3. Oh and.. I see you made a little missspelling in my name :-) here in your blog list.. My name is not Moi.. :-) it is Høi.. I know.. a bit hard to write in english *lol*
    have a nice day

  4. Hi sweet julie...
    :-) The cookies are called "peppernuts".. And I see that the google translater made a mess out of some words.. "pipes" LOL.. it should be mix or as you say wipe.
    I have made a english translation on my post now.. go check it out..
    Oh.. and the Vanillawreath :-) We do them tomorrow.. can you waite that long?

    Here is what you need of ingrediens for those:

    1 vanilla pod
    375 g wheat flour
    125 g potato flour
    375 g cold butter
    100 g fine chopped almonds
    250 grams sugar
    1 egg

    I will write more tomorrow on my blog ;-)

  5. I am so sorry Christina I have now worked out how to correct your name..... cut and paste was the answer. 'I am' getting better at blogging.


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