Tuesday, 1 December 2009

'An anthropomophic fashion show'

"Here we are at our first 'fish walk' show." They said, not daring to mention the cat word, so they improvised and used fish, not a bad idea I thought.

"Hey you lot, shh.......don't talk too loudly we don't want the human one's to know we can talk". One of the fish whispered, and in a quiet voice.. continued......... "You do realise we have now been put in another cupboard". "Don't be ridiculous" said one from the middle. "I can feel the warmth of the lights on my tail". The fish on the end continued "So what is that noise"? Said the fish at the end of the line.
said the one with stripy socks ........"It's the 'bloody' boiler!"
"Shh keep quiet...... and don't swear..............remember your a lady". They all chorused.

The fish continued talking to themselves in the boiler cupboard disappointed that I hadn't organised a proper cat I mean fish walk show.

I have nearly finished my other five ladies. I hope to get the rest of these girls 'dressed' in the next few days, I've decided to only to make 10 of these fish... just a very small shoal, as I want to move onto other things.

Now I must decide for once and for all on their names........... decisions, decisions decisions.........together with Christmas nipping at my heals and our first frost of the winter.


  1. what a wonderful chorus line! Great post... I reckon you can always number each, like dreams.... and then give them long involved run-on sentences about their character traits.... -Jayne

  2. They are incredible , I love all the details.
    You make wonderful art work .



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