Friday, 27 November 2009

Greek mythology inspires me

I've been playing with an idea, fabric and paint (this time no paperclay), I'm not sure where it's going yet.

It all started with a children's book from the library, I just caught a glimpse of it in a child's hand, it was about exploring Greek mythology, how exciting, something clicked...... here is the tiny beginnings of an experiment.

As you can see it's ended up about textures, you know what its like you start of with one idea and end up with a million others and going along a totally different path than the one you had intended. I will get back on track, I promise....

I am meant to be working on my fish..... still no names for my beauties buy I'm working on it, the dictionary is very heavy and has a lot of pages and I'm still on the A's.

In the mean time can you guess which Greek God I've been focusing on?


  1. This is wonderful texture work, which ever myth is inspiring you! -J

  2. Is it the greak god Hermes ?



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