Thursday, 18 May 2017

Bodrugan, artists retreat.. Poppies..

My artist retreat at Bodrugan Barton.  Mevagissey, Cornwall.

 At the beginning of April fellow artist Vicki Clarke from the Fannie & Fox gallery invited me to take part in a week long painting retreat.. 
A last minute cancellation had occurred and there were two spaces available.. How could I refuse..
I set myself a couple of goals,  to work with acrylic's on paper and to 'loosen up'!
These are some of my 'poppy paintings'.
  Acrylic on watercolour paper 
 Thought you might like to peek inside the barn - looking from kitchen..
 View looking from lounge area towards kitchen
Frankie Cooper and Patricia Lomax deep in discussion.
 Many a delightful meal spent at this table..
 Views on one of our walks.. Chapel point, Portmellon
 My work accumulating during the week long residency .
The pin boards were a great idea.
 My workspace.. A mess as usual. Still life.. The 'orchid', I think it got the better of me to be honest..
View from the Studio barn.

Can't wait for next year.... 


  1. Looks great, Julie. What an opportunity. Not exactly the same thing but I've been looking at a 'knitting retreat' in Venice!!lol The downside is, it's £1500 for four days and that doesn't include flights or meals! Obviously, I'm not going. I love your poppies. I think you 'loosened up' pretty well! xx

    1. £1500, that is pretty steep! No flights?? Crazy prices..

      I'm thrilled with the poppies as well Annie just waiting for my body to loosen up now xx

  2. All that in a barn? Wow - what an amazing space to create in!

    1. It is truly an amazing space Mary Ann if you've time click on the link it's a very special ancient place x

  3. What a Beautiful inspiring memorable location, Julie.. loved the work you created..

  4. Gwen it was amazing, I have already booked for next year..


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