Monday, 27 June 2016

'Iconic women'.. 'Female icons'...

A few weeks ago a young lady brought two of my brooches. 
She has some dexterity problems and is not able to attach them herself and she asked me if I ever made necklaces as they would be easier for her to wear.. 
So I gave it a try.. And here are the first results.. 

On Saturday I was wearing one and a young guy came up to me and said... 
'' I love that icon necklace your wearing lady''.. 

So the design name was found just that I'm not sure whether to call them 
'Iconic women' or 'Female icons'.. Decisions decisions...


  1. I vote for 'iconic women' - no special reason other than I think it sounds right. Either way - I like these!

  2. Hi Julie. Clever you to come up with this idea and for such a good reason. I am wondering what the postage would be to send one to Canada? They are lovely and calling my name! Thanks.


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