Monday, 11 April 2016

Gylly bay.. Spring tide and an on shore wind..Just one hour between these photo's...

 Just 5 minutes from where I live in Falmouth is Gyllynvase Beach but not much of the 'beach' to be seen yesterday due to a spring tide
..and an onshore wind.. Crazy! 
 The wind actually blew me over completely whilst I was taking this photograph..
 When waves roll in literary roll in.
 Sea snow
 Then just an hour later and a little further along the path looking towards Gyllynvase beach.
 Looking towards the lighthouse at St Anthony Head.
 This one is a bit fuzzy due to the 'mist' as the waves crashed into the sea defenses but it captures the atmosphere of the evening.


  1. Amazing photos Julie - you can see the power in the waves and the wind. It would be exhilarating to see I think.

    1. It is amazing here when the Westerly's come in.. We have had some amazing storms since we moved here.. Mother nature just letting us know who is in charge.


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