Thursday, 10 March 2016

When I have 'Stuff' to sort out in my head... I paint..


  1. You paint, I stitch. I do a lot of stitching so there must be a lot going on in my head!

    1. My lovely Mum used to tidy her cupboards.. Not her house I might add, just her cupboards.. She used to say she was tidying her brain..

  2. And how lucky we all are that you do paint, Julie. xxx

  3. Me too but I tend to tidy things rather than paint even though I know I'll feel better with paint. Oh well.. ;) xx

  4. I think that I might have to have a bit of a tidy up too Jess, I get myself in such a pickle, paper and paint everywhere.. Today I will tidy up.. Just a little corner if nothing else.


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