Sunday, 28 February 2016

So encouraging...

Two more sales..  Thank you.
'A little bit like Frida'... 
Is off on her travels to Scotland and beyond...
'Sailing' is off on his journey to Ireland.. 

Just a thought... Please remember that if you buy one of my brooches, they are made of 
papier mache and DO NOT like being put in the washing machine.. 

*New brooches now added to the shop...*


  1. shipping to the netherlands is not possible?

    1. Emce, I will ask how much at the post office and let you know asap ~ Julie.

  2. Oh dear - how did you know I never wear brooches because they always end up in the wash? I thought it was my dirty little secret.

    1. Magpie I have 'washed' so many, luckily have only 'lost' 3 over the years. They are surprisingly tough. But I wouldn't take a risk with them. I also thought it was only me that did daft things like that.. He!he!


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