Friday, 22 January 2016

On my work bench.. Beauties and... Cats that Knit and knitted cats... New brooches...

here are a few of my new beauties.. 
Original hand painted papier mache brooches
 finished with gold leaf.
... And then there are the cats.. 
I've got a bit carried away with cats..
Cats that knit 
And knitted cats.
Thinking about opening my bigcartel shop again 
or maybe etsy?


  1. Any shop's fine by me! Love everything, Julie. xxx

  2. Julie, these are such a fabulous collection of works! LOVE LOVE the bottom two cats. So charming.

    Etsy seems a little easier as far as traffic to the shop goes. But then I only have the free version of Big Cartel.


  3. For some reason I was reminded of Anne Boleyn (sp?) when I saw the one in the middle of the first picture. And I love those kitties!!

    1. I'm now off to look at Henry's wives.. Thank you for the inspiration.

  4. They're lovely! I particularly love the gold leaf. xx


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