Sunday, 12 April 2015


It's four weeks now since we watched the film.

I picked it up in Falmouth Library because I liked the title, knowing nothing of the history we watched and were transported onto the north Cornish coast.

The film was called. 'The wrecking season' by Nick and Jane Darke. 

Since then I've read 'Held by the Sea' by Jane Darke. If ever there was a book written for someone who has lost (a strange term but this morning I can't think of a better one) someone they love dearly this is the book to read. Not all of those crappy bereavement books that people seem to think are the right thing to give you. This book is the one to read or give to someone who needs it. I wish I had had it 13 years ago, it would have helped. It has helped.
This wonderful writer is so eloquent in the way she describes the total isolation that you feel even with your family around you.

We have since watched 'The art of Catching Lobsters' by Jane Darke. With silent tears flowing down our cheeks.

I now have a hundred and one paintings twirling and swirling around along the strandlines in my head..


  1. I knew of Nick Darke through his work with Kneehigh but will now check out Janes work. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. You are most welcome Chickpea.. I think we might have a few more connections do you know Pam Tongue? or Jude Munden?

  3. I hope you don't feel isolated now, Julie and that your heart is healing a little bit. Wonderful new paintings. I love the one in your header. Any news on little'un? xxx

  4. You've got my curiosity roused, Julie.
    Checking to see if I'll find the movie over here.
    Hope you are well. xo

    1. I've sent you an email Carole with a couple of links.. Enjoy.x

    2. I found the video, Julie! I will try to remember it all when the time comes. Thanks.

  5. There are two video's Carole, so do look out for the other one and if you get a chance to read Jane's book, it is wonderful.


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