Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Bathing Belles are finished..

I must have looked strange to anyone watching me whilst I was out collecting slate with my straw basket and sturdy boots and because it's was very windy here in the West, my funny stripey hat that looks decidedly odd filled with all of my hair.

I must have looked such an odd character. Come to think of it. Probably no more than usual.

But it was so exciting when I found a piece the perfect shape for an idea running through my head.. It is the little things in life for sure...


  1. What fun you're having and with delightful results. Happy Spring and hope the show goes tremendously well.

  2. These are fabulous Julie and I love the vision I got as you described yourself gathering. :)

    1. I must look quite comical if the truth be known Lisa.

  3. Julie, these are wonderful!

  4. Fantastic bathing beauties - and so fun to see that they're voluptuous and not skinny minnies!


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