Thursday, 19 February 2015

The World of Woodroffe, a feast for the eye....

I thought you'd like to see a few pictures of the new exhibition at Falmouth Art Gallery

Until I visited the gallery last week I had never heard of Patrick Woodroffe.. It's not the type of work that I'd like on my lounge wall particularly but if someone were to give me one  I'd bite their hand off.
But his work seemed very familiar in a strange kind of way.. 
Very quirky, thought provoking and insightful and most of all inspirational..
Patrick Woodroffe this is a great link.. Enjoy..
This is his actual desk taken from his studio, meticulously tidy.. Unlike my own. ha, ha....
Next to his desk was this amazing creature.....


  1. Wow, must get down to see that, looks really interesting.

    1. You will not be disappointed Chickpea.. It is a fabulous exhibition.

  2. Great stuff! I know I have heard of him a long time ago....

    1. Glad you enjoyed. You are ahead of me Sharmon.. Although I'm sure I've read books that he illustrated. If your interested click the link lots more information..

      I tell you the sad thing is last year when I first moved to Falmouth I visited the gallery on several occasions an old gentleman with a camera around his neck spoke to me and we had several amazing conversations.. Sadly I didn't realize it was Patrick Woodroffe..

  3. His work is amazing! Like you, not sure I would want to own any of it, but I found it fascinating.


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