Tuesday, 3 June 2014

I'm thrilled with my charity shop finds..

A beautiful hand thrown bowl from Porthleven a bargain at just £5, Two adorable egg cosie's, knitted so beautifully for just 10p each. An emu knitting gauge reminded me of my mum, and a bell knitting gauge - I have a plan for this, all will be revealed later in the year.. And a row counter that was so cute I had to have it..


  1. So lovely! I especially like the bell knitting gauge, so look forward to hearing what you do with it. Charity shops are called opportunity shops where I come from, and it's great to see things being re-used, rather than added to already over-full landfill X

  2. Lovely finds. Coincidence or what but I just bought one of those 'bell' knitting needle gauges! If you need another one, I can send it to you. It's not like I really needed another needle gauge anyway! lol Love the shininess of those bowls.It's our little Three Harbours Arts Festival this week - you'd love it - I do. x

  3. Ahh you went on a treasure hunt and came up with beauties. Lovely!

  4. Super bowl! I have a bell needle gauge too, also bought at a charity shop for 10p. Love my charity shops. xx

    1. I'm on the hunt for the bell needle gauges Joan, if you come across any on your travels, cheaply of course, get them for me and I'll settle up with you.

  5. I would have wanted that bowl too! I love handmade pottery and wood pieces and would definitely collect them if I had room.


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