Monday, 5 May 2014

Precious paper treasures..

 Imagine my surprise, when an envelope dropped through my door  the other day with
these precious paper treasures tucked inside..
My lovely sister has been sorting out my Fathers house and found these hidden treasures I had no idea that my lovely Mum had saved them..
A Christmas card I'd given to my lovely Mum, by the writing I think I must have not long started school, around 1961. How cute is the card, nothing Christmas'y about it..
This one was made at school the following spring.. 
My spelling was atrocious... Nothing changes.
 And a photo booth strip of me.. Probably 1972/73'ish.. Ha!
So I send a BIG thank you to my sister Wendy for taking the time to find these treasures and also for sending them to me.. xxx  
(I know she reads this blog sometimes.x)


  1. What lovely memories! Love the third phtot where u r staring lol xxx

  2. How sweet of your sister to send you all those precious keepsakes from the past. I love your tissue paper collage, and the photo booth pictures are beautiful!

  3. Absolutely wonderful!!!

  4. Such lovely memories of the past ! Just shows how much your lovely mum had cherished them enough to keep them for always. xxxx

  5. Sweet sister you have to send these to you. Such cute photo booth shots. My mom sent me a package of my report cards, photos, and other keepsakes a few years ago. Warms one's heart to think our parents would save all these things. Have a great week, Julie.


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