Monday, 19 May 2014

A walk through Kimberley park, Falmouth.

And what did I see... The biggest heron I have ever seen....
Looking down at the pond full of fish for tea.. I stood and watched him for 10 minutes or so, or was it him watching me? He continued waiting in the rain for an opportunity, as we left to find the car.
The 'Gunnera Manicata' (I think that's what they are called) are about 5' in height and just coming into flower.
The lush planting here in Kimberley park is an absolute joy at this time of the year.
Everything is bursting into flower.
As we left the park the summer rain began to fall.. Mother nature gave us an umbrella.
That was just a little too tall. The park was gifted to the town in 1887 so this monkey puzzle tree is at least 127 years old, probably older..


  1. What an exciting walk.... that heron is huge. Must be all that fish to hand!

  2. Thank you for the nice 'walk' through your park! I've never seen a monkey puzzle tree - pretty cool.

  3. Oh how I love this time of the year - when everything is blooming and giant herons appear before our eyes.

  4. What a beautiful, lush place, and that heron is magnificent... my favorite bird.


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