Saturday, 15 March 2014

Two new projects

Cups of tea and a box of old oil pastels found whilst looking for something else led to having a few minutes of fun.. Listening to the radio heard of Tony Benn's death. So sad, a man and politician with strong views and who wasn't afraid to say what he thought.. A great speaker, a great writer.
This is my other project, a leftover piece of canvas, treated with rice glue and pva.
Then using up old acrylic from my pallet to get rid of the white. Yep! Sunshine here in Cornwall, flip flops are officially out of the cupboard.
All going well, turned it over and painted the other side, left in sunshine to dry..
It all goes wrong.. Glue and paint dry and 'STICK' to newspaper.. 
Sugar!!!!........... (I really want to say another word!)


  1. Hmmm - instead of saying 'sweet' things about the newspaper stickage - perhaps it can be looked upon as now being a design element?

  2. Oh sick! Frustrating when things like that happen. Have you figured out what to do next?

  3. Lol you made me smile and I can imagine what you wanted to say. Yes like above what are you going to do next

  4. I heard an old interview which Tony Benn gave on Radio Scotland this morning and did you know he proposed to his wife after just knowing her for 9 days because he didn't want her to go back to America, where he knew he would never see her again. Also, the bench on which he proposed to her - outside St Michael's in Oxford - he bought later for £10 and it now sits at her graveside. He was a sweet man too, for all his gusto. Sorry about your project, Julie. Onwards and upwards, eh? Have a great week. x

  5. Liking the name 'anguish' and love the flip-flops xx

  6. I'm thinking 'artistic license' here. We visitors won't tell if you want to incorporate the print into the design *smile*


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