Monday, 24 March 2014

Development of a small fishing boat, step by faltering step..

Listening to radio 4 today, I have been painting a small fishing boat. I have tried to document progress with regular-ish photographs as I've worked through the day recording and the progress or lack of as it happens.. Mistakes and all.
This is acrylic on cardboard, the board although sealed with gesso still acts like a sponge dulling the paint as it seeps in, a quality which I like very much.
If you want to see larger photo's just give them a click and they should enlarge..
The sails have changed shape and direction and a flag has emerged.
The fish are jumping about all over the place..Their basket has grown in size.
My sailors have got fatter and then thinner and fatter again as the painting progressed or didn't. You can make up your own minds about it.
On reflection, I wonder if I made any progress at all. I've had enough now, the light has gone and I'm off to relax and cook some supper, if only there was a glass of wine to be had..


  1. I love your series of posts on the flag Julie.. coolest thing ever.. you have a great style!

  2. Like humans, also pictures need sleep sometimes. Love your miniature. And most of it, the latest development in their faces.

  3. I love all of the iterations. There is such a 'look' about it and I want to know the life stories of each of the fishermen. Beautiful.

  4. Great fun to see your works in progress step by step!


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