Thursday, 20 March 2014

A little more progress..

With a visitor staying with us from where we used to live, work on this piece is slow. We have been out and about visiting Penzance and St Michaels Mount..  It is so good to have visitors great to hear news of where we used to live and of the friends that we share.
Yesterday I sent them off to St Ives so that I could actually get some work done in the studio.. I know, I know, missing an opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful places, the one that tugged my heart to move here to Cornwall.. But there is work to be done and decisions to be made.. I was intending that this piece would be less 'colourful' and a little more monochrome than my normal way of working, but colour creeps in when I'm not concentrating..


  1. So what did you end up doing about the newspaper 'stickies'? Curious mind wants to know.....

  2. Love the frayed edges... and the packed little boat.

  3. Obviously your conquered the glue and proceeded to create something magical. I wondered how it was going to turn out. Have a great week.


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