Sunday, 13 January 2013

A heart of flint.. Ancient Italian folklaw and an amulet..

I'm working on,  an heirloom project, nine women artists, nine months.... You get the idea...

On a post Christmas walk I found this heart, a perfect find. I'm using the flint as a starting point for an amulet, which is one of the items I need to make for the heirloom project.
The tiny flint heart will be tucked inside a small cotton bag, onto which I have stitched an image of a real heart, it is my interpretation of a 'brevi bag' - A prayer amulet.
The history of 'brevi' is woven within ancient Italian folk-law and as I understand it they were tucked into a baby's cot.  They contained herbs and prayers and sometimes tokens to protect the child from evil.
(I've popped a thimble in the pocket to give you an idea of the size.)
This one has a tiny hand stitched pocket in which I will put a little prayer.
Almost done....Going to give my eyes a rest.


  1. Love that idea and love the real heart...

  2. That is beautiful. How will it be used-I mean will an actual baby have it or is it going on show with the other artist's work? Tell us more!

  3. Its going to be wonderful -- what a treasure you found in that flint heart!

  4. oh my, this is lovely, julie... i have stopped by here so many times lately without leaving any words. so i will say now, thank you for all of the inspiration and smiles. and happy new year... : )



  5. Happy New Year Julie and congrats on your little baby girl.... how wonderful.

    You have certainly been very busy this year. I haven't got going properly yet as I am still moving things out of the mill into my garage studio.

    Love the flint heart and bag.

  6. What beautiful work and words. Please show us when it is complete.


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