Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Christmas treat, at Colchester Castle

Once a year at the Christmas fair it is free to get into the Castle.. Normally it costs several pounds so each year I take the opportunity of a freebee visit. Cheap-skate, I know..
 This is my favorite exhibition piece.
A burial suit made from tiny Jade tiles.
The tiles have been stitched, yes stitched together with silver thread..  
 It is an amazing work of art.
Then down, down to the prison, it all looks very clean and smart, scrubbed floorboards and clean cells, but I'm sure that they could whisper different tales, stories that would frighten the best of us..


  1. Oh my, I'm not exactly sure how one would go about 'stitching' tiles like that - an into a recognizable shape. Whew!! We once visited Yuma Prison (an old prison in Arizona). The cells were so very small - and I could only imagine how horrendous it must have been sitting in the summer hot desert sun with no air getting in. The interesting thing to see however, was the handwork that the prisoners had done - stitcheries and needlework!

  2. The artwork reminds me of the tomb of an Aztec king. Several years ago, I went to Mexico City to the Museo de Anthropologia and they had unearthed the tomb and had it on display in the museum. The king's mask and his clothes had turquoise, coral and other precious stones embedded or stitched...amazing work and very painstaking, I'm sure

    If walls could talk! One can only imagine what went on in those dungeons. Out here, we have a community who's claim to fame is that Billy the Kid was held in their too is tiny but out here in the West, there was no coddling of prisoners, especially gunslingers!! LOL

    Have a wonderful time and Merry Christmas to you and yours.


  3. How lovely to go some where for free. At least you can say you had value for money. I can see a burial suite in the making. Happy Christmas to you and your family .......xx

  4. Amazing - must remember for next year x


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