Saturday, 3 November 2012

Handmade wooden spoons and an ark.

These are the spoons that our son David gave us on his return from a 10 week adventure doing voluntary work in a forest in Herefordshire ..  They are so delicate and beautiful..  I will post a photo of the dome that he has made when he has finished putting it up in the garden.. It is amazing.
And this is the Ark on show in 'Hollytree's' museum Colchester. I took my grandson, who was not impressed at all.. The toys looked 'boring'.. I loved them.. It must be an age thing, 'Spiderman' is far more exciting to a four year old.


  1. I have found that the toys/sights that thrill me are often 'boring' to our grandchildren. I on the other hand let myself be taken to the Katy Perry movie last summer which I felt was a big sacrifice to my psyche (not being a lover of pop culture)*smile*.

  2. I had a lovely ark like this once, but unfortunately it had to be sold a good few years ago....needs must at times....I still have some lovely old toys though...perhaps I aught to put some images up on blogger :)
    Ellen xx

  3. oh my, these spoons... they are just incredible... xoxo

  4. Amazing and very Exciting - love the spoons xx

  5. Oh, I LOVE that ark! Isn't is a wonder when you see something like that and those with you don't 'get it'! Hopefully it will find a niche in your grandson's brain to pop out with wonder at a later time in his life.

  6. You know what? Iwas super excited not so long agao to take some kids to the toy museum at Penshurst Place and they all found it 'boring'...I hope they will understand the magic of it all one day.

  7. I will definately come to visit it this year :)
    I adore your work Julie, where do you sell, and congratulations on the lovely new family addition xxx


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