Friday, 14 September 2012

This weekend I open my studio...Ta da!

I have been dusting, buffing, rescuing spiders that have made my studio their home, and sweeping the rubbish that has accumulated on the floor..
 It is looking very swish. If I might say so myself.. Like my own little art gallery..
These little weird and wonderful sweeties are painted on pieces of iron shuttering that we found on a wonderful walk along the beach near Bawdsey Manor , Suffolk.
And my recycled paper seagulls dancing above the press.. Inspired by a project by the talented carolyn saxby.

......Must get on now, a few more things to do, put up the bunting..  and a hundred other job's... Oh! ..... Must wash my hair....

Open from 11am - 8pm Saturday and Sunday this weekend.. Check out the link for details..

If you live nearby why not pop in and say hello..


  1. It looks glorious, I wish we were nearer. Can you settle for a visit in spirit. Wishing you all the best for a successful open day.

  2. congratulations! .....hope you have lots of visitors. if i was there i would.

  3. Swish indeed! Wish I did live close by, I'd be there like a shot. Good Luck with it all, Julie, though for sure, you don't need it, your work speaks for itself. I knitted a shawl/wrap the other week and my 'Beautiful' brooch looks perfectly at home on it.Have fun. x

  4. Oh! I wish I could pop in or a cup of tea. It does look wonderful. I love your mounts.

  5. Your studio looks FABULOUS!!! Very, very inviting. Just wish I live anywhere nearby -- I'd be there with bells on!

  6. Hope all went well with Open Studio - I very much enjoyed me 'Private View' x

  7. Wonderful set of work! "Dream" is my personal favorite!

  8. Hi Julie,
    Well it looks like Poppy and I were the lucky ones, we do live close enough that we could pay you a visit. I have to say we both came away inspired by your work. Thank you so much.

  9. I too wish I lived all looks wonderful, and I hope your weekend was wonderful!

  10. How did your open studio go? Do you have a studio in an area near other artists? I do wish I had a studio near other artists.


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