Monday, 25 June 2012

Off to make some jam and jellies

9lbs of gooseberries,I've only got two bushes. Best crop ever.. 
1lb redcurrants... Lots more on their way...


  1. Someone's going to be busy! Just made some strawberry jam and I tell you, I am soooo ready for the W.I. - but my sister says, 'are they ready for you'!
    If you keep back some reducurrants and get some strawberries, you can add them into the mix and it makes the strawberry jam set better and takes away the 'too sweet' taste.

  2. Gooseberry jam is my favourite by far! What a great much jam will that lot make though...

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  4. If you have any gooseberries left, please, please, try gooseberry fool. Have some for me because I can't find any gooseberries for sale in Arkansas, and real home-made gooseberry fool is one of the joys of an English Summer. It even makes the rain worthwhile. Find a recipe that suggests you gently fry the clean gooseberries in a dab of butter, and one that uses only fresh real cream. You'll need shortbread to eat it with, and a YouTube video of steadily falling rain (Homesick now)

    Oh, I came here from Cart before the Horse, and I came to look at the lovely things you make, but was brought up short by the photograph of the gooseberries...*sigh*

    New follower.

  5. Hey! You're already in England. You can buy gooseberries anytime you want! Is it true about the rain this year? I've heard there's been a lot.


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