Friday, 4 May 2012

Week 14... On my work bench..

Well, not my work bench...I went on such an amazing course last Saturday with Alison Stockmarr and Abi Concannon. at the shipyard studio's Wivenhoe.  Textile art is my new thing.. (I can here my husband, not another lot of stuff... More shelves..Groan...).  

We started off with coffee and a very warm welcome then straight in at the deep end, just what I like.. The course was about transfer printing..
Firstly we learn't how to transfer scanned images from the computer to the special transfer sheets that were supplied.... Then we got to work choosing images transferring them onto fabric then 'destroying them... Well I did anyway..  Here is my feeble effort, first attempt was a collage of little boats.. Not the most exciting...
Then lunch... And what a spread.. It was delicious. After lunch... Back to the fun...
 Here is Alison explaining about texture and print.. 
 How to hot press velvet... Simple when you know how... Take a wooden 'fish' damp down your velvet, put on to of 'fish' and with hot iron press.. I didn't know that you can easily texture velvet with an iron and steam.  So exciting.
'Talk things over'
This was my final piece, not quite finished but loving it so far. Click on image to get a closer look..


  1. So creative! I love what you have so far.

  2. Oh, I love your new work, Julie. Can't wait to see the finished result. Hope you have a good Bank Holiday Weekend.

  3. Your new work looks very exciting. Love to see the finished piece......xx

  4. Oh Julie why do you live so far away... I want to try all the exciting things you learn


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