Sunday, 1 April 2012

Week 12. On my work bench....

Firstly, one of my new collagraph plates, still wet from the button polish, hope to get it printed in the next few days.. It's just 10cm x 10cm, I just fancied working on a few smaller prints, hopefully making them more affordable.
Then a few new birds, (brooches) feathered and female...  I'm aiming to get them finished this week.
.... And a few ladies in waiting..  

This week I am determined.......To  get some printing done.... 

First I must give the studio a good spring clean... I am such a messy ******!  I hope that I'm not the only one.


  1. Hi, Julie
    I just found out about collagraphy from a new book at Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine. It looks like a fascinating art media. CPS had a new way of doing it was a pasta machine used at the 'press' looked really interesting. I will try anything new in the way of mixed media...I just don't always have the time to try everything I see.
    Have a great week and I love what you are creating in the way of your dolls too. You are always an inspiration!
    Teresa in California
    and in the Cloth and Clay doll ning

  2. Fun to see what you are working on, and no, you are not the only messy one!

  3. That plate looks really cool! I'd love to do that!

  4. OooH lots on the go, loving the new birds. X from one messy *$*$* to another! Joan


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