Sunday, 19 February 2012

Week 7. On my work bench....

Can you imagine my surprise when the postman knocked on the door the other morning, me... Still in my nighty and dressing gown..... He had a parcel.. For me, from nanagogo. The lovely Anne sent me these absolutely wonderful crochet fingerless gloves and scarf..  They are amazing and so beautifully made.
Anne had read my blog and sent me these wonderful items to keep me warm in the studio.. Thank you so much Anne I love them and can't thank you enough.x  I've worn them already and they work, no more cold hands.. Hurrah!
Now for the work table.. Learning how to make handmade books..So exciting.. I love it.. I've used some of my old prints for the pages..
 I don't know all of the correct terms yet, but I'm loving the process..
I think that these are called folio's... I shall explain more after Tuesday when I learn how to do the next bit, and learn the proper names for the stages..
 The other thing that I've been working on is another display for my work.. This one still has the pins in it, so keen I tried it out... Patience is not one of my vertues..
Here is the finished stand... I'm quite pleased with it considering that its made from cardboard shoe box and some old fabric that I've nearly thrown away a dozen times.
To finish.....  A picture of the fishing boats in the dock... Just down the road from where I live... Lots and lots of mud.. We have plenty of it around here.


  1. So glad you liked your things, Julie, though I am doubtful about putting my non-artistic attempts at making things in the same blog post as your wonderful artistry!Did that come out right...but you know what I mean?
    Loving the birdies and they look really comfy in their little nests.
    Have a good week, Julie.

  2. There is so much eye candy here today. I love those gloves gonna have a go and make some for my girls for this winter - how cool. Your book is going to be stunning and your birdies absolutely lovely. I know all about that can't wait till it's finished - I often land up stuffing things up because I'm inpatient. You are such a multifaceted talented lady and look where you live - I think I might just be a little jealous!

  3. Hi, Julie. Just stopped by at Susan's suggestion (Flying Dog Studio). Your work is beautiful. I especially like your textile work and the backgrounds you're doing for your pins--very creative. Just proves that necessity is the mother...etc. I marked your blog to visit more often.
    best from Tunisia,

  4. Julie... you offer the (blog) traveller an oasis of refreshing waters, to cleanse and at the same time stir, the creative spirit. Thank you for... being you! Daryle

  5. I've just found your lovely blog, and I'm a new follower! (I have an obsession with nests/eggs/birds lately...LOVE yours!


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