Sunday, 12 February 2012

Week 6. On my work bench.....

Well this is my work bench/kitchen table this week... It is still so cold here at the moment.. I have to wear so much clothing to go out into the studio and today was especially bitter.. Better off in the warm..
No printing at the moment, the inks have gone all stiff with the cold.. That sounds  a bit rude... He! he!
 New brooches in progress they change so much during the process
These are the finished items you can see them in the picture above at either end.
This afternoon we braved the cold this is the view across the river.. It was like a mill pond, so quiet, if you squint you can just see the last of the snow.

Here's hoping that it warms up a bit this week, fingers crossed, it needs to, I have frozen pipes...  Which are a pain in the preverbial butt.


  1. i like the expressions in the eyes. hope it warms up for you soon. i will try to send you some of our sunshine.

  2. Oh I love your ladies... (and your work table) each one has so much character!!

    we have been experiencing several days of cold weather too.. suppose to warm up to 0 c. tomorrow. yay. stay warm..

  3. Hello Julie,

    I havent enjoyed the cold....couldnt get to the studio untill today so I have also been working at home in the warm,
    I also had a frozen pipe which has now thawed and, thank goodness, it didn't burst...I hope yours will be safe too.
    Hugs, Ellen x

  4. Oh ROFL here just put up my blog and came to check yours! We must be thinking and doing same things. Loving the ladies. Each has their own character. Lag those pipes!! x J

  5. Hello! I just want to say that I really love those faces! :)


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