Sunday, 6 November 2011

Secret places in Colchester


  1. How fascinating! I wonder where it is! Maybe somewhere you would feel safe!!!!!!.....xx

  2. Hi, Julie
    The door to no-where and the stair railing that you have the photo posted of which runs from side to side reminds me of the Winchester Mystery Mansion in San Jose, California.
    The lady who owned the mansion kept adding on rooms after her husband's death. He was the designer of the Winchester riffle, and his wife could never 'get over' the plight of those who died in war with her husband's new found invention...the Winchester riffle. She felt if she kept adding on rooms she would live forever.
    Sad to didn't work. You can probably google the mansion and see a street side view of it. has stairways that ended in dead end walls and very curious rooms.
    Thank you for posting this curious door and railing.
    I like your doll house dolls, very nice.
    Teresa in Cloth and Clay
    and in California


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