Saturday, 15 October 2011

First workshop in the shed...

So many things have happened.... Firstly and most exciting is, I held my very first print workshop yesterday... Cherry, Christine, Hillary and Linda came to learn how to make their first lino print...  Yikes! Me teaching... Ahhhh... 

I was so nervous.. Preparing what we were going to do, cutting paper, cutting tools sharpened (I still struggle with the sharpening), getting the pieces of lino cut to size, just small bits as we only had three hours or so and I didn't want it to be too overwhelming.. Setting up an inking table, rollers, brayer, wooden spoon, book press clean and dusted.. Well almost dusted... Camera at the ready... oOOPs.. 

....What did I do.. So absorbed in the teaching my first class, I completely forgot to take photo's.. Such a numpty!

All I've got is a photo of two little prints which were done by Hillary. a lady who had never done printing before and thought she couldn't draw... Amazing what can be achieved in a couple of hours...
I just wish I could show you some of the other work... Maybe they will send me some photo's... Please.

Linda's work can be seen here, just click.   

Cherry's work can be seen here, just click. 

For the first couple of hours was working on a design then transferring it to the lino and getting it cut out... Not so easy if you don't have any confidence in your drawing, so with a little encouragement and how to break down an idea into triangles, cubes, circles etc.. amazing things were achieved by everyone..

After a short tea break with home made apple cake (thank you Linda) and chocolate biscuits (thank you Christine),mmmm...

We got back to the task in hand, with intaglio water based inks we started the printing,  I was amazed how quickly everyone got the hang of it and such good sharp prints...  They were all so industrious... I was redundant... In a good way.

The shed was buzzing with ideas and email addresses being exchanged.. 

A good morning was had by all... Me.. I'm shattered! But can't wait for the next one...

Things to remember.. 
* Firstly not to worry so much... Everyone said that they had a great time..
* Relax
* Make a time plan
* Rearrange the shed a bit better...
* Buy another apron
* Get Norman to fix the lock on the door... I broke it the other day  -
* Print off some feedback forms.. Did they enjoy it? Learn something? What could I    do better... Usual questions...
REMEMBER to take photos!

If anyone can suggest anything else that I've forgotten on my list, I would love to hear from you.. Any little piece of advice will help how ever insignificant you might think it might be, I would be so grateful..  Thank you.

... next time.. A strange gift... 
And how I learn't how to make a.....   Wait and see...


  1. loved the workshop will try and send some photos asap xx

  2. Sounds like a lovely easy going workshop - perfect for people who say they can't draw! and what a fantastic print of a shell too.

  3. Love your post.......,We must have more workshops........ How lucky i am to have met such a lovely lovely person like you.......xx


    Hi Julie, I tried to copy and paste the web site for the printing program my husband bought for my's called The Print Shop 3.0.

    Sorry for the delayed response, somehow I missed your comment.

    Happy teaching!

  5. Gwen Buchanan has left a new comment on your post "First workshop in the shed...":

    oh this lino turned out great.. When do you think you will give your next workshop? I bet they all went away exhilarated with ideas of what else they could do with this method of printing.
    You have a book press... I would love to see you using it with your linos. did you have to use any medium to your ink to make it printable.. I ask cause ours seems so dry.

  6. What a wonderful workshop.. I bet everyone had a fab time. The great thing about teaching is, that it's a two way street... you learn so much from others - I can't wait to see if your ladies put up their pictures and you can show us what they all achieved. :)

  7. Hey there,

    that sounds like such an amazing workshop, I really want to come to the next one you do :)

  8. one more thing to add to you list !
    whooo! well done you !!!!!
    Sounds great !


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