Monday, 1 August 2011

West Mersea... Prints, crafts, and vintage..

This is my little stall, it was my first vintage and craft bazaar.  I wasn't very organised, a bit chaotic really.....  I need to sort myself out a bit better for next time, I still find it very difficult to price my work...I expect a lot of you do too.  

I did manage to sell a couple of prints, some bunting and a few 'vintage' items... With the profits immediately going towards the plans/map chest that I brought on ebay earlier in the week... Result!

The 'Contemporary Craft group' girls were there, Joan  Linda  and Cherry .  It was lovely for our little group to get up and start moving forward, potentially and most importantly selling our wares... Here's to the future girls.... x

I also met some other enthusiastic crafts people that I hadn't met before, together with the fantastic people of Mersea Island who turned out in there hoards to view and sometimes buy our wares..

There was also great tea and cakes....Together with over £100.00 raised for scout funds...... A good day was had by all...

I must just say a special thank you to Hillary who organised the day.x

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  1. Thanks so much for inviting us to attend Julie and your support and encouragement - LOVED your stall and your presentation skills and of course your AMAZING work !!!


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