Friday, 5 August 2011

Art book - Giveaway

 'Down to the beach we go'
This is a one of a kind art book for the winner of this 'Summer giveaway'.
To tell you the truth, I have been desperately trying to write a business plan. I'm struggling..
How do we fill in a sales flow and cash flow charts as an artist...?
How do we summarise what we do in a sentence or two...... ? 
As for pricing structures... Give me strength...!
Then there is the question what is my business called....?
I'm going to go nuts here!!!  And I'm already most of the way there. HELP!

So.... Instead of finishing the business plan, I've popped out to the shed and had a little play around. Then had the brainwave.... I'd ask for your help... Please.
I've made a little one of a kind folded art book using one of my lino prints. and a little poem... Then with hand painted seaside touches, I've bound the little book with read thread and finished it with a flourish of wax which gives it such a special translucent look and feelings of holidays gone by.

Just leave your name and I'll pop you into the hat.
There is just one thing you could do for me either 'suggest' a name for my 'Print Shop' or choose one of these a* b* c* or d*

a* rawprints           (Because I'm on a steep 'print' learning curve)
b* wyvernprints     (Name of my house)
c* myhandsprint    (Because that's what I do)
d* mrshoweprints  (My name of course)

All Ideas and suggestions will be very welcome, help with my business plan or with the name of the 'shop'.  I will put the names in a hat in a day or so.... Good luck everyone and thank you.  Julie.x


  1. Oh all these things are so difficult! I wish you lots of luck with all this tweaking. I like 'rawprints' best. I can see where you got the name from but think it also suggests something natural and organic about the process which is attractive-and brings in the idea of working with your hands as well(to me it does anyway!) The book is great!

  2. I like particular reason - it just sounds good!

    Business plans - Hmmm. The whole idea of doing a business plan is anathaema to most people with an artistic temperament - it just seems to go against the grain. I did one once, because I had to when I was doing a business course. It seemed strange to me to have to try and plan to always grow and expand, when I really only wanted an arts-based business that was manageable for one person. I didn't see the point of ever-and-ever-expanding. So I've chucked out the business plan and business is pretty good, actually.
    Just be really good at what you do (you already are) and network, network, network.

  3. Well, this just popped into my head, so here is my suggestion:

    Curiosity Pulled the Print-Shop

    Good luck with all the biz plan stuff. I had to do that last summer into fall because of a grant I got. What a whacky thing for an artist to engage in... and also because I follow intuition, dream a lot and that my decisions follow intuitive leads, it was all way too linear for me. I haven't followed it too well, either. But had to do it in order to get the grant. I worked with a professional to make the plan and I realize through the process that these "predictions' and "assumptions" are what driving our economy. You bring your assumptions to the bank and they give you money if they agree with your assumptions. Wow, what a learning! Well, good luck choosing a name for your shop and all the rest, phew!

  4. LOVE the name you already have - but also like D too x

  5. My Curious Print Shop? It suits you so well, Julie. Have a great weekend. x

  6. Why not use your name? Julie's Prints or Prints by Julie, Julie's Printshop. Or even J's Printshop.

  7. Seeing your prints and your little dolls and other creations, I would call your shop
    "Howe Whimsical" because everything seems to have a touch of whimsey and fun and uniqueness that is you (and you are Mrs. Howe, yes?) ha ha
    So now my name is in the pot and I hope I win, of course, but if not, good luck to the one who gets this beautiful piece.

  8. HoweTwoPrint my 10 pence worth!! Do you have a nickname? Does your business name have to have the word print in it? Cos this limits you to being known for printing and nothing else? I thought you did other art as well!!

    Am on a dead line have to have accounts done by Monday!! Air is blue here. J

  9. A business plan just should sound nice and convincing. Always remember that it doesn't have to be real. It is an illusion. You can write whatever you want as long as it sounds calculable. Don't bother trying to make it real (realistic) while you write it -- reality is the director, not us.
    What about "The Curious Shop(pe)"?

  10. And, I have to add: The point is not what you think you can achieve. Rather find figures for your dreams. When I had to make a plan, I "placed an order to the universe" I need 900 Euros, that's about 800 GBP. (That was 20 years ago). And believe it or not -- this was exactly the average of what came in.

  11. I like rawprints - it just sounds creative to me. As for a business plan - bwahahahahahahaha - good luck. I've never had much luck at writing one. Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway!

  12. I still think Julie Howe Prints would sound good!
    When I read mrshoweprint, I first thought it was for
    Mr Showe Print. silly me...

  13. My Curious Print Shop has already been suggested, it does sound good and links to your blog. . . . as for the business plan - I view mine as a map.

    I decide where I want to get to and work backwards from there. (I've been told that explains a lot!) It does seem to work though.

    However you do it, good luck with your biz plan.

  14. love all your comments - everyone is so helpful :)


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