Monday, 29 August 2011

4Elements, Suffolk coast and a Collagraph artist..

It was a beautiful day yesterday, we were going to be in sunny Somerset this weekend but a very sad and heart wrenching thing has happened and we didn't go after all.... How I wish things were different...

So to lift us both, out of the black hole that we have been living in, Norman and I took ourselves of to Suffolk for the day.... It helped for an hour or so...
We visited a very wild and windy place on the Suffolk coast, Dunwich Heath  A very beautiful wilderness.  I want to visit again when there is a storm in full throw... 

In ancient times it was the capital of East Anglia... coastal erosion took the village many many years ago.... There are lots of tales of church bells that can still be heard...
The weather was perfect, the sun shone, and the wind blew, the nature reserve was veritable sea of dancing purple lavender... Just stunning, someone painted the landscape just for us.

At the coastguard cottages we had a fantastic cream tea, with homemade scones and clotted cream... Not going to help the waistline, but it was soooo good.

Then we visited the Heath Barn where the 4Elements  Exhibition was on, including one of my favorite collagraph artists Mandy Walden...  What a joy to meet her, finally!!!
And her work..... Amazing.  Mandy is a fantastic printmaker and such a lovely lady, how nice to meet someone that didn't mind sharing an idea or two, so refreshing.  So inspiring...  
I shall be seeing her again soon, at the Norwich Print Fair , I can't wait.
Click on the photo's to see her work a little better.... Enjoy...


  1. Well had I but known I'd have flagged you down as you passed:-) - We are currently living on Orfordness, a little south of Dunwich where my DH is the resident warden.

  2. aw shucks !!!!
    lovely to meet you too !
    see you soon !

  3. Its funny how things work out. If for whatever happened to change you arrangements for yesterday day then you would not have seen that lovely exhibition in the suffolk country side.....xx See you Wednesday.


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